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Exclusive – Yahvi checks out!

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

While browsing through websites we found a great website designed for all of you currently planning your weddings. is an online tool that helps bring the best vendors to you. Check out the different categories that they have to offer.1


  • Apparel and Accessories
  • Beauty and Grooming
  • Caterers
  • Decorations
  • Entertainment
  • Giveaways
  • Hotels and Accommodation
  • Invites
  • Jewelers
  • Miscellaneous
  • Photo and Videos
  • Tours and Travels
  • Venue
  • Wedding Planners


Once you have picked your category of choice, they will give you a list of the best companies along with their phone numbers to contact. You can also type in your location and price range and they will narrow down your search. This will give you accurate options that is made JUST FOR YOU. Visit today!


Top 5 Reasons you should enjoy ‘Sales’ online!

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

When all your stores go on sale it is truly the best time. However, a lot of us are busy in our everyday lives and don’t seem to get the chance to enjoy them as much as others. Here are 5 reasons why shopping online during this time will help you.

Save time– Running around a mall can take so much out of you. However, clicking on your mouse a few times doesn’t seem to be as tiresome. When you shop online you can save time by viewing all the different sales available, quickly.

Variety– Although you may think you get more variety at a mall, that is not necessarily true. There are only so many stores you can cover when shopping outside. At home, you can view all the different options and make the best decision.

Comparisons: The best thing about shopping online and enjoying such sales is that it will also show you how much other products are being sold for. This will help you see how much money you are saving and if the sale is truly a great offer or not. (more…)

Zomato – Exploring all the Collections

One of the most exciting qualities that this application has to offer is its Collections icon. Zomato’s collections subgroups different restaurants making your search for new and exciting places, easy. The list below contains a few of the unique subgroups you will find on Zomato:

  • Trending this week: Take a look at some of the most popular and most happening restaurants rated by Zomato this week. If you are looking for a new place to try turning to this subgroup is the best way to guide you.
  • Newly Opened- Ever wonder what new restaurant has opened that you haven’t tried yet? You can check out the various restaurants that Zomato has listed for you to make your decision simpler.
  • Romantic- Looking for a new place to take your loved one? This subgroup lists all the romantic restaurants making it easy for you to go through and find the perfect one for you both.
  • Sunday brunches- Let’s be honest. One of the best qualities about this city will always be Brunches. Unsure where you can get the tastiest meal as well as well priced cocktails? If so, this is the subgroup for you. Zomato lists all the ‘brunchy’ restaurants for you so that all you have to do, is pick.
  • Kickass Burgers- Everyone has their own way they like their burger. Some like it crispy, some soft and getting a perfect one to meet your preferences is almost impossible to find. With this subgroup Zomato helps you view different restaurants serving popular burgers in the city thus narrowing down your search.
  • Late night delivery- No body enjoys cooking at night! With this subgroup you can now see restaurants near you that are open at night to cater to your late night munchies.
  • Best Cupcakes -To find the best desserts near you-this subgroup is super useful.
  • Hot Clubspots, Regional Favorites, Veggie Friendly, Pocket Friendly, Live Music , Kebab Places, Rooftops and Celeb Spotting are some of the other subgroups.

When it comes to Collections on Zomato the list goes on. Log in to Zomato and browse through all their different subgroups to get Mumbai’s complete restaurant experience.

Zomato 2

Zomato – Guide to using the Awesome App

Need an easy step-by-step guide that will help you use one of the most popular applications there is? Follow our pointers below as we walk you through all you need to know when using Zomato:

  1. Download the app- Download the application from your Mobile store. Once you have this done you can officially get started.
  2. Sign up-Zomato will then ask you for a quick sign up process. Enter your information and you will be ready to get started.
  3. Get Started– Once you are on Zomato’s homepage, it is now time to familiarize yourself with the icons. On the homepage itself you can view Zomato’s unique ‘Collections’. This has a list of various groups of restaurants you can visit and browse. This includes “what is trending this week, what has newly opened, Sea View restaurants, Sports bars, best places to eat for Sunday brunches, Romantic restaurants, students favorite restaurants” and the list goes on.
  4. Search Icon– At the bottom of your Zomato homepage you will see various different icons. These are Search, Nearby, ‘Plus Sign’, Feed and Me.
  • Search- Search for a restaurant of your choice.
  • Nearby- Search for restaurants that are close to you.
  • ‘Plus sign’- Check in at a restaurant (You can add on Facebook that you are currently eating at a specific place), write a review and upload a photo.
  • Feed- Connect your Twitter account with Zomato and find you friends on Zomato and view their reviews.
  • Me-Write your own reviews.
  1. Menus: Once you have familiarized yourself with all the icons you can now start viewing restaurants. Once you click on a place of interest you can then view its full menu, phone numbers and directions to the restaurant.
  2. Reviews: The best part about Zomato is being able to view various different restaurant reviews. Once you have clicked on a restaurant you will also notice reviews of the restaurant on the page itself. You can then use this to decide if you would like to visit your place of interest or not.


Use this guide to familiarize yourself with Zomato and get started today!


zomato 3

Zomato – Download the App today !

Zomato works as an online restaurant discovery guide providing information on home delivery, dining-out, cafés and nightlife in various different cities across the globe. Today, Zomato is one of the most popular applications online. What makes this Application so special? What can this really do for me, you ask? Here are a few pointers on Why you should use Zomato:

  1. Zomato’s unique ‘ Collections’: Zomato has a distinctive ‘collections’ section that is unlike any other application. When it comes to the world of restaurants you can see what is trending this week, what has newly opened, Sea View restaurants, Sports bars, best places to eat for Sunday brunches, Romantic restaurants, students favorite restaurants and the list goes on.
  2. Tells you what’s next to you: Have you ever wanted to go to a restaurant not to far from home but just couldn’t figure where to eat? The beauty of Zomato is that it allows you to figure that out. Zomato can detect your location and once you click the ‘Nearby’ icon it will guide you to all restaurants next to you thus making your life much simpler.
  3. Knowing what other people think– Once you have clicked on the restaurant of your choice you can also view reviews in the application that will allow you to see what other people thought of the food and the restaurant itself. This will help you make a more informed decision about your choice.
  4. Full Online Menus– Zomato also provides you with the full menu of every restaurant you choose on the Application. You can browse through them, view their various dishes and then decide if that is where you would wish to eat.
  5. It’s just Fabulous– Mumbai city is all about food. Zomato is quickly becoming the ‘go to’ guide for all restaurant information in this city. It only makes sense that you allow yourself to have access to everything the city has to offer. Download Zomato from any smart phone today.