#Photography – 4 reasons why photography makes you happy!

By Shahzeen Shivdasani1

Beautiful photographs are something we all want. By hiring a professional photographer you can ensure that the pictures you receive will be nothing less than spectacular. Here are a few reasons why photography plays a big role in your happiness.

  •  The past: You will always have a mental picture of the past. However, you will notice that in time that picture lacks detail. You forget the outfit, the lighting, the smile and most importantly the way the moment made you feel. With photographs, that moment lives on forever.
  • Reminding us of our journey: By taking pictures you can always look back and remember your journey. Whether it was a fun adventure, a family dinner or a night out with your friends, they are always there to remind you.
  • Creative outlet– Many people find their creative spark by putting collages together. They find this to not only be calming but gives them a perfect mix of pictures that represent them as an individual.
  • Capturing big events: Your big occasions like weddings, can be hard to capture on camera. Although one of the biggest moments in your life there is just to much going on to worry about pictures. However, ensure that you do worry. Hire a professional photographer who can give you those fabulous pictures; so that there will never be a day in your life, that this specific day is forgotten.


Top 10 parties in Mumbai for welcoming this New Year!

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

1. CAFÉ ZOE: Not only will Café Zoe stay open till late on New Years Eve but they have amazing prices for their passes. They will be serving their unique menu and drinks through out the night.

Cost: RS. 2,000 per person. For bookings call: 24902066.

2. AQABA: This popular restaurant opened up earlier this year. Spend a fabulous night at Aqaba as DJ Kaushal will play tunes that will keep you on the dance floor. (more…)

5 reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for a party!

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

You could easily take pictures at your party by yourself. However, not only is this time consuming but also your pictures might not come out the way you hoped. Here are 5 reasons why hiring a professional photographer will work in your favor:

1. Enlarged images for your home– Most of the time we take pictures at events so we can enlarge them in our houses. Photographers keep that in mind and have the time to think out their pictures and add style to it.

2. Attention to detail–  Photographers have the time to pay attention to detail. Making sure the setting is right, unimportant things aren’t in the frame and looking for a great color scheme is all part of their job. This ensures better quality that we may not pay attention to if we were to take them ourselves.

3. Retouching Images– Once the session is over, photographers will go through the pictures and rectify images to make some of them better. They may change the lighting or edit things out. Whatever the case, they ensure that what you get in the end is nothing less than perfect.

4. Everyone will be in the images– Some times when we take images ourselves we don’t keep in mind to get everyone in them. When covering a party your photographer will go around taking pictures of everyone ensuring that the pictures are not only mixed but everyone who attended is in them

5. Quality-At the end of the day what you are paying for is quality. You can take the pictures yourself and in turn not be happy with the results, as they wont remind you of that fabulous party you through. Hire a professional photographer to ensure that you get pictures that will always be able to take you right back to the moment.




Celebrate this Christmas at Melting Pot!

Melting Pot brings Christmas to you!

#GreatFood #GreatMealExperience

Looking for a place to eat a wonderful Christmas meal with your Friends and Family? Visit Melting Pot on Christmas and enjoy their impeccable hospitality on this festive day.The special dish on their menu that is much talked about is their divine stuffed Roasted Turkey. Their lunch Buffet is priced  at Rs. 1200 only, inclusive of all taxes and is accompanied by unlimited wine and beer that will put you in the mood for your ‘mouth watering’ feast!

Thus if you are looking for a fabulous menu and venue to celebrate one of your favorite holidays, then Melting Pot is the place to be! Their A  La Carte menu will also be available if you wish to choose a different cuisine.

Melting Pot is known well known for their Indian, Chinese and Seafood dishes. Their desserts are known to be outstanding and simply fabulous. A restaurant with wonderful service and the perfect ambience, Melting Pot is a place that you just can’t miss this 25th. Let Melting Pot bring the Christmas spirit to you!

Christmas Melting Pot

Olive presents Sushi Samba at The Guppy Pop up with Sahiba Sawhney

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Join the team at Olive in Mahalaxmi  on 26th December 2014 as they bring you a festive evening called Sushi Samba. Sushi Samba is the perfect combination of Japanese and Brazilian culture. This night promises an experience that you will never forget as they adapt these popular cultures to bring you an exquisite mix of their music and cuisine.

The entire venue will be transformed to fit the theme. Each guest that enters between 10-11:30 pm will be greeted with a welcome drink as well. This event will be co hosted by Latin dance expert Sahiba Sawhney. Do not miss their delicious food and fabulous drink specials that will also be offered to you through out the night. Visit the Guppy Pop Up at Olive this Friday, as they bring you yet another creative and unique event.

RSVP of their Facebook page to be on their guest list.

Yahvi Exclusive! Live Sessions at Café Zoe with Ryan and Friends

Written by Shahzeen Shivdasani

There is nothing like watching live Music.  Mumbai city is now getting into live music in a big way. Various artists and bands are now playing at different venues to bring out the true essence of what music is really all about. This Thursday I was lucky enough to catch Ryan and friends at Café Zoe in Lower Parel.
Ryan Sadri kick started the night by playing beautifully along side the DJ, grabbing the attention of everyone at the restaurant. His sound was unique, rare and extremely refreshing. He walked around the restaurant as he played his saxophone while the crowd was left in complete amazement.

Soon after, Ryan was joined by his friends on stage for a spectacular set. He was joined by, Rohan Mazumdar (vocals), Karan Joseph (Keyboard) and Andrew Kanga (drums). The high energy and passion that was brought out by this set was simply sensational. The song that stood out from their set was ‘Suit and Tie’ by Justin Timberlake. Hearing the saxophone and the keyboard cover this song in its truest essence was magnificent.
This event was sponsored by 100 Pipers and curated by New Clear Ideas (who host various events at Café Zoe every Thursday).

If you are looking for live music sessions, Café Zoe is definitely the place to be. Stay tuned for interviews from Ryan and friends that will be brought to you only  exclusively by Yahvi News.

Ryan Sadri (saxophone), Rohan Mazumdar (vocals), Karan Joseph (keyboard) and Andrew Kanga (drums).


Ryan Sadri


Ryan and Friends



Guppy Pop Up at Olive Mahalaxmi with DJ Nanok

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Friday Bar Night at Olive never fails to disappoint! As one of the most happening places in the city its unique events that are held every week always brings something new to the table that entertains crowds from all over.

This week DJ Nanok entertained us aka Jai Vaswani by playing one of his “No genres barred” sets. For a Friday night in Mumbai city people poured in as early as ten pm in anticipation for the music to Kick off. DJ Nanok, who is one of Mumbai’s favorite and upcoming DJ’S, played sets from different genres like House and Hip Hop that kept the crowd on the dance floor the entire night.

Guppy not only had amazing deals on alcohol but one could order their delicious Japanese food throughout the evening. This event was promoted by Jihaan Advani and Mitali Kumar, who never fail to bring in the perfect energy and crowd to an event.

Olive is not only known for their exquisite food but host various such events. If you are looking for a festive and energetic fun night in town, definitely do not forget to visit this venue.

Devika Pathak and Mitali Kumar (Olive Bar and Kitchen)

Devika Pathak and Mitali Kumar (Olive Bar and Kitchen)

Guppy Pop Up at Olive with DJ Nanok-(Olive Mahalaxmi)

Guppy Pop Up at Olive with DJ Nanok-(Olive Mahalaxmi)

Olive Mahalaxmi

Olive Mahalaxmi

Guppy Pop Up at Olive with DJ Nanok-(Olive Mahalaxmi)

Guppy Pop Up at Olive with DJ Nanok-(Olive Mahalaxmi)

UpperCrust Food and Wine Show- The Food

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

The Food hall:  The Food Hall was a showcase of various different Indian restaurants In Mumbai.  This included Jafferbhai’s Delhi Darbar, Noor Mohammadi, Chinese stir-fry from Wok In The Box, Bengali delicacies from Bong Bong, Kutumbh Sakhi for their range of ladoos, puranpolis and other Maharashtrian savories and Mexican goodies from Sanchos.

The heart of the food Hall event was the ‘Live Kitchen’ sector. This is where the city’s most popular Chef’s displayed their secrets and skills. The Chefs visited UpperCrust were Harpal Singh Sokhi (Ching’s Secret), Bhairav Singh Rajput (Novotel), Varun Inamdar, Shantanu Gupte and Shailendra Singh (Food Food), Anurag Barthwal (Trident BKC), Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal (APB Cook Studio), Michael Swamy (Cottage Chef Culinaire), Adriano Baldasssare (Oberoi) and Andrea Fidora (Monin). Every foodies dream is to attend an event where the best food is served and to learn secrets on how to make their favorite dishes. UpperCrust made that possible for everyone who falls in this category.

It was truly amazing to see so many organizations come together to display their goods and inform us more about them. Here is a list of some of the products that stood out:

Cool Chef and Prakash Chilli:  The owner Kaviraj Thadani, introduced us to his company’s unique products. Cool Chef is the name of their specialty meats that are cut and delivered to your doorstep. This includes their various different types of chicken, goat mutton, pork and beef. They will soon be introducing their smoked meats and their large range of gourmet fresh sausages. Prakash Chilli is one of the other products that they displayed at the event. It’s perfect spice and zest will leave you craving more. These chilli’s consisted of five different flavors and will be sold in retail stores soon.

Sweet Malabar: The director Manisha Talreja introduced their fresh capsules for tea and coffee as well as their coffee machines. These capsules help in providing the most enriched flavor for both coffee and tea. Their machines break down these capsules to provide us with this taste of excellence. Manisha handed out samples from ten am, which put smiles on the faces of all the coffee lovers who attended. This product is sold directly to the customer.

Arabian Nights:Arabian nights is one of the most well known shops that cater to smokers. At UpperCrust they displayed their beautiful Hookah’s and flavorful Tobacco products. Their stunning Hookah pieces and countless Tobacco flavors were truly an Arabian delight. All these magnificent products were sold at discounted rates at Upper Crust thus drawing a lot of attention for those three days.

Koka– Koka instant noodles has always been an all time favorite. At UpperCrustKoka sold three of their noodle packets for only 100 Rupees.  Their different flavored packets also included spicy Singapore fried noodles, mushroom and their original flavor, which has always been the most popular. Koka is available at popular retail stores.

Jus Divine Juices: Jus Divine, displayed their fresh juices at their stalls and provided information on nutritional factors. Jus divine uses “cold-press technology which not only protects all the vital nutrients and enzymes of the fruits and vegetables but also brings out their natural flavor”. If you are health conscious and need a nutritious meal, Jus Divine provides various different juices that you can pick from to achieve your goal. This is sold on their E commerce website.

The products introduced were fresh and unique. The exhibition was diverse and extremely entertaining. The products above not only stood out but also held their own at the show. Do keep an eye out for these names, as I am sure they will be much talked about in the year to come!

Cool Chef and Prakash Chilli

Sweet Malabar

UpperCrust Food and Wine Show

UpperCrust Food and Wine Show

Arabian Nights

Koka Noodles

Jus Divine Juices

UpperCrust Food and Wine Show- The Wines

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Unlike any other food exhibition the UpperCrust Show in Mumbai not only exhibits a vast variety of food but also exhibits different Wine being sold in Mumbai. This year UpperCrust has three stalls dedicated to wine lovers.

Sula: Sula is one of the most popular wines in Mumbai City.  Sula Vineyards has a reputation as India’s number one premium wine company. The wine is available nationwide at the finest hotels and restaurants and are also exported to Asia, Europe, the Unites States and Canada.At Upper Crust Sula has its very own stall where one can purchase a glass of their finest wines or a bottle. Another fabulous offer that they include for these three days is that for fifty Rupees one can enjoy tasting upto five different types of their wine. Their fine wines include their Premium Reds, Premium Whites, Sparkling Wines and Value Wines.

Air8or: Air8or are products made specifically for your wine. This includes There Air80r product that is built to let your wine breathe. It is a scientific design that allows perfect mixture of air with the wine that it is poured through. The aroma, flavor, color, intensity and taste are instantly improved. These factors help bring out the true characteristics of the wine.They also introduce their product Chillrz. This is a product made specifically to cool your wine. Ever wanted to drink your bottle of wine but you have forgotten to cool it in the fridge first? If so, this is the product for you. Chillrz is based on a revolutionary concept that will cool your wine to the ideal temperature instantly. Put your very own Chillerz in the freezer, place it on your bottle of wine that you wish to open and your wine will pour into your glass instantly chilled. At UpperCrust these products are being sold at discounted rates. The stall manager will also provide you with more information on where to purchase their products.

Reviolo: Reviolo is a collection of the finest estate wines that express a combination of exceptional grape ripeness, and the most complete expression of the wine maker’s art.  Reviolo’s bottles are said to have “the vintage stamp of elegance, balance and texture”. At UpperCrust this is the only stall that holds a completely FREE wine tasting for their red and white wines. Not only can you taste their wines but you can also purchase bottles of the wine you like most. They will also then provide you information on their outlets.

Don’t forget to visit UpperCrust’s food and wine show next year.It is truly an event to remember.

Sula Wines