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1By Shahzeen Shivdasani


Up close and personal with – DJ Nanok aka Jai Vaswani.

Written By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Q&A with one most popular and successful DJ’s in India today.

Q. So Jai, how did you get into DJing?

A. I got in to DJing when I was fifteen years old. I learned how to DJ from a friend. After which I went to a Music Production school called Point Blank in London.  I learned how to produce music there but my skills are self-taught.

Q. How would you describe the type of Genre that you play?

A. I don’t exactly stick to one genre. It is more ‘mood’ driven. I have a piano at home where I sit and play. If I like I something I transform it into a full song.

Q. What parts of production do you find the most challenging?

A. There are two parts to production in my opinion. There is the creative part and the technical part. I find the creative part slightly easier. The technical part can be challenging at times because you have to go deeper into the sound by tweaking and mixing it etc.

Q. How do you deal with ‘hitting a brick wall?’

A. I just move on to the next thing. I forget about it. I currently work on 150 different projects so I keep it moving.

Q. What software or hardware can you not live without?

A. I cannot live without my MacBook Pro laptop. Everything is produced on my laptop on software called Apple Logic.

Q. What do you do outside the music scene?

A. I own a fast food joint called ‘The J’.

Q. What advice would you give to upcoming DJ’s?

A. A lot of DJ’s try and do what they think is ‘big’ at the moment.  They concentrate on what is commercial. Everyone should do what they like.

Q. Where did the name Nanok come from?

A. It is a really interesting story actually. I went to this lady and did a lot of past live regressions. One of my lives that was set in a mid evil period, I was on a street and saw a sign that read Nanok. When I had to pick a DJ name I just decided to go with that.

Q. What is your favorite tune of all time?

A. Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Q.  Where can one look forward to hearing you DJ next?

A. I will be playing at:

  • 20THDec-Tijuana Iguana
  • 24thDec- Café Zoe
  • 28THDec- Sunburn in Goa
  • 31STDec- Amadeus

Keep and eye out DJ Nanok, who is not only at all your favorite venues but gives you a reason to stay on the dance floor!

DJ Nanok – Jai Vaswani