#SocialMedia- Is the over use of social media killing old school romance?

WELLBEING texting By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Is the overuse of social media killing are chances at love and intimacy? Has this phenomena taken over our lives that we no longer know the difference? Take a look at 5 factors that examine how social media might be killing your chances at old school romance.

First physical impressions Vs. First social media impressions: Don’t we all love first impressions? You see a guy or girl that catches your eye and you muster up the courage to go and speak to them. You get to make one first impression that ensures you both share a mutual connection. By turning to social media now days, we no longer have first impressions. We add someone online and we start chatting with him or her via this mode. Is that what dating is becoming? Trying to establish a connection via the phone or laptop rather than, in person?

Texting Vs. Calling– Call! I repeat call someone you are into. With texting no one knows your tone or emotions no matter how many emojis you may turn to. Many conversations can be misinterpreted as well. Getting to know someone takes time and is hard enough as it is. Make the effort to at least hit the CALL button on your phone.

Attention Vs. Distraction: Go to dinner with your friends and notice all the couples around you at restaurants. Both men and women will at least check their phones, twice. This breaks the flow of communicating effectively. One party is always distracted by another part of their life. The other part being social media related. It is important to use social media and be a part of the phenomena, but do not let it distract you from physical time with the people you love.

Public knowledge Vs. Privacy: People have now become very aware of this other world of theirs. It seems to be important how absolute STRANGERS view us, through our social media world. We will throw a tantrum if our boyfriend doesn’t change his status to ‘in a relationship’ but will over look the fact that he never says it to anyone publically. Notice what is going on in your relationship more than how the outside world perceives it.

Time Together Vs. Time on your phones: Couples used to pillow talk. It is honestly one of the most intimate things you can do together. Now days, when couples are alone their way of spending time together is by causally going through their social media networks. Put your phone and laptop away. Pay attention to real life and its beauty rather than the one you have created.

Social Media is a fabulous network to be part of. However, don’t leave the real world behind. You will always have pictures to share on your social media network that will remind you of important moments. However, if you don’t pay attention…you won’t remember how they felt.

Shahzeen Shivdasani

Shahzeen Shivdasani

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