#WorkingGirlFashion- 5 corporate looks you must have in your closet!



By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Looking for a corporate look that would fit your personal style the best? Check out my favourite top 5 looks, that I think every working girl should have in her closet!

The High Waisted Skirt Look


There is nothing like a neat pencil skirt with a white shirt tucked in. A very classy look that is loved by all, this look speaks of elegance. You can add simple accessories like a nice chain and a big bag to go with it. The best part about this look is you can wear comfortable heals. Extremely high heels are not necessarily required to complete this look.

The Black Skirt and Dressy Shirt Look


This is always a go-to outfit. To look chic, you can always put on a black knee length shirt and a dressy shirt. You can accessorise this with heals and a bag of your choice. Also, having your hair neatly straightened or tied up in a neat bun, goes very well with this look!

The Casual Yet Sophisticated Look


This is a very popular look in Mumbai City. Most companies do not require you to have the ‘full suit’ look. Jeans, with a casual t-shirt and a nice blazer, looks fantastic when put together right. This allows you to be comfortable while still looking formal and fabulous.

The Fitted Dress Look


This is another great look for work. Pick a one piece fitted dress, preferably in the colour range of grey, black or beige. Accessorise it with simple earrings, beige closed shoes and a short blazer. This look is extremely stylish and fashionable. It is also ideal for any working environment.

The Like A Suit Look


Whether you choose to go with a full suit or not, you can always put something together that looks like one. You can always wear fitted black jeans or pants, with a white shirt tucked in and a black blazer. You can wear this with both heals or flats. This can also be your go-to outfit as anything that represents a suit, will always be considered a smart and appealing office look.

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