#JarDesigns- Check out these fabulous desserts by Jar Designs!



By Shahzeen Shivdasani

This sensational home bakery  located in Vile Parle, Mumbai, is truly one in its kind. These delicious gelatine free and eggless desserts will surely make you keep coming back for more. Check out what to expect below:

Baby Shower and Announcement Boxes


These four jar baby boxes with a blue decoupage and polka ribbons are perfect gifts for a Baby Shower. Available in many different sizes and box sizes, this is surely a scrumptious present that anyone would love, INSTANTLY!

Diwali Hamper


This colourful Diwali Hamper is a perfect gift for the festival of lights! Their unique packaging and variety of flavours will ensure that your gift is nothing less than spectacular!

Slated Caramel and Vanilla Cream


This exquisite dessert is filled with caramel and chocolate that is ‘to die for’. Make sure to dip your spoon all the way to the bottom of this jar, so you can get a taste of their divine Caramel and Vanilla Cream.

Raspberry and Lemon Flan with a Butter Crumble


The butter crumble will immediately melt in your mouth. If heaven could be tasted, it would probably taste a lot like this!

Strawberry Colada with Cream Cheese


For all the Cream Cheese lovers out there, this dessert is nothing less than sensational! A fruity explosion that ensures you can’t stop at one bite!

Nutella Cheesecake Mousse


Chocolate lover? or Cheese Cake lover? How about both? Jar Designs mixes our two favourite flavours with this excellent combination that is completely irresistable!

Dark Chocolate and Chocolate fudge/ Chocolate and Vanilla Fudge


These intense mixes of chocolate are magnificent! From dark chocolate, to fudge, to milk chocolate, to the perfect mix of vanilla, these jars are truly incredible!

Hot and Gooey Molten Chocolate


The name says it all! Check out the ‘goeeyness’ of this chocolate as it will ooze in your mouth, ensuring that all your taste buds experience pure bliss!

All photo credits: Jar Designs

For more information check out: https://www.facebook.com/JarDesignsMumbai

Location: Vile Parle West › Juhu Scheme, Near Mithibai College, VL Mehta Road, Vile Parle West, Mumbai

Phone Number: +91 9819365658

Shahzeen Shivdasani

Shahzeen Shivdasani

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