#HealthyCouples- Top 5 factors practiced by couples in healthy relationships!



By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what a healthy relationship should look like. Are we in one? Do we deserve better? Are there existing cracks or are we creating them?

Here is a list of habits that you will see in a healthy relationship thus letting you know what it should look like!

The ‘communication factor’: Communication is key. Happy couples do not have a problem telling each other what they like and do not like. Their goal is to ensure that they are always on the same page. This is a commitment you are both making and one that you are both making to each other. This is why UNDERSTANDING each other is extremely important.

The ‘quality time’ factor: Couples in healthy relationships pay attention to this factor THE MOST. Modern dating has made it hard for us to find a balance between idealism and reality. Most of us work hard and don’t have time to socialize on weekdays. Our weekends are spent partying and catching up with friends and our other halves. However, here lies the problem. People in healthy relationships ensure that most important conversations are had SOBER. They still talk on the phone and they still spend time outside ‘the social scene’, when they can. If this is not happening in your relationship, then how do you know if your connection is an idealistic image in your head or actually real? Take the time to do mid week coffees, movies, and quick dinners. Make sure you are having long conversations. Then when you socialize together on weekends you will be sure that there is more to your connection.

Remember, there is no harm in having fun together, just get to know both sides of the coin.

The ‘glue factor’: DO NOT STICK together like glue. Unless you are looking for a relationship where you lose your complete identity this is not advisable. People in healthy and happy relationships have their own interests, their own friends and their own work. Be a big part of someone’s life, not his or her ENTIRE life.

The ‘pick your battles’ factor: Sometimes you have to ‘pick your battles’. The quickest way to loose someone’s interest is by being constantly negative when dealing with him or her. Learn to decide which issues are big enough to fight about and which ones you can compromise on.

The ‘intimacy factor’: Healthy relationships always first start with emotional intimacy. Physical intimacy should obviously exist, but it is a factor that should happen over time. If you want a connection to sustain, then work on the factors that will help in developing your connection.

Remember the one factor that is shared in ALL healthy relationships…

is respect.

Shahzeen Shivdasani

Shahzeen Shivdasani

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