#PavBhajiCentral- 8 FABULOUS places where you can get AMAZING Pav Bhaji in Mumbai City!



By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Looking for great places where you can have delicious Pav Bhaji? Take a look at 8 popular restaurants below!

Swati Snacks


Photo Credit: zomato.com

Swati Snacks has always been known for their spectacular food. A Mumbai favourite, this Pav Bhaji has the right amount of spices and flavours that will cater to your hearts desires!

Location: 248, Keral Estate, Opposite Bhatia Hospital, Tardeo Road, Mumbai

Phone Number: 022-65808405

Amar juice Centre


Photo Credit: zomato.com

This place may seem to look like a simple juice centre but it has much more to it! A great place for lunches and breakfasts this restaurant is known for their one of a kind Pav Bhaji that is creamy and delicious!

Location: D 39, NA, Purandere Marg, Chowpatty Sea Face, Chowpatty, Mumbai

Phone Number: 022-23642204

Shiv Sagar


Photo Credit: zomato.com

One of the most popular places in Mumbai city, this restaurant is known for their phenomenal Indian cuisine. People have always talked about their exquisite Pav Bhaji that is truly distinctive and divine. This is one restaurant that has people coming in from all over the city, just for this particular dish!

Location: 8, Dharam Prem Apartment, Nehru Road, Vile Parle East, Mumbai

Phone Number: 022-26153258

Sardar Refreshments


Photo Credit: zomato.com

This sensational restaurant that is located in Tardeo, is known as the city’s ‘one stop’ for Pav Bhaji. You can choose to eat inside or opt for their thermocol plates and eat from the comfort of your car. This Pav Bhaji is truly ‘finger licking’ good.

Location: Tardeo Road Junction, Oppostie Bus Dept, Tardeo, Mumbai

Phone Number: 022-23530208

Canon Pav Bhaji


Photo Credit: zomato.com

Another well known Pav Bhaji restaurant that is known for this specific dish and their quick service. Check out their one of a kind Cheese Pav Bhaji that is simply ‘to die for’.

Location: Opposite CST Station, Mumbai CST Area, Mumbai

Phone Number: 022-22074205

Sukh Sagar


Photo Credit: zomato.com

Known for its excellent service, food and ambiance, this restaurant is truly loved by all. Their spectacular Pav Bhaji is known to be phenomenal and serves as the perfect mid-day snack!

Location: Marina Mansion, SVP Road, Chowpatty, Mumbai

Phone Number: 022-23636856

Rama Krishna


Photo Credit: zomato.com

Known to have the quickest service in the city, this restaurant never fails to disappoint! Their unique Pav Bhaji is not only wholesome but is extremely flavourful and magnificent !

Location: 51 A, Tejpal Road, Vile Parle East, Mumbai

Phone Number: 022-26124721

Santosh Sagar


Photo Credit: zomato.com

Yet another sensational place for this absolutely ‘mouth watering’ dish. Located on Napean Sea Road, this phenomenal restaurant always manages to bring in an exceptional crowd on a daily basis. Check out their Pav Bhaji that will surely kick-start your taste buds as it is cooked to perfection.

Location: 6 Matru Ashish, Napean Sea Road, Malabar Hill, Mumbai

Phone Number: 022-23631199


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