#FashionDivas- 5 fashion Bloggers in India that you HAVE TO know about!



By Shahzeen Shivdasani

How would you know what is happening in the fashion world instantly without your favourite bloggers? Check out five fashion bloggers whos efforts ensure that you are ALWAYS up to speed!

Rian George


Photo Credit: blog.twomangoes.com

Rian is the ‘go to’ person today for topics that cover luxury, travel, food, and style. Since Ryan was once the culture editor at  L’Officiel India, it is safe to say that this man knows what he is talking about when guiding you in the fashion world.

Blog: http://www.urbaneye.in

House of MISU


Photo Credit: Instagram of House of MISU

This fashionable and stunning team is taking over the fashion world by storm. Mitali Sagar and Summiyya Patni are not just EXTREMELY popular fashion influencers but are also designers, fashion bloggers, personal stylists and brand consultants. For more information on this fashion setting duo, do check out their blog below.

Their blog: https://houseofmisu.wordpress.com



Photo Credit: thestylecocktail.in

This young blogger considers her self a social media geek by the week and a fashion blogger by the weekend. She loves cocktails, has a weakness for cheese and is a total book lover. Her amazing view on fashion ensures that readers are always hooked.

Her blog: http://www.thestylecocktail.in

Shalini Chopra


Photo Credit: stylholic.wordpress.com

Stylish By Nature is a fashion blog created by Shalini Chopra. A fashion and beauty blogger from Bangalore India, she hopes to be an inspiration to everyone who likes fashion, and those who want to embrace this world. The topics on her blog cover “lifestyle, street style, vintage, designer couture collections, affordable fashion and product reviews”

Her blog: http://www.stylishbynature.com

Devyani Kapoor


Photo Credit: fasherati.com

A journalism graduate from Delhi University, Devyani Kapoor is a author in the making. She models for a leading brand,  is a journalist and refuses to do anything without coffee and cake. She is also a Manchester United Supporter. Check out her blog, as Devyani sheds her light on the fashion world.

Her blog: http://www.breviloquent.in

Shahzeen Shivdasani

Shahzeen Shivdasani

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