#RelaxationTime- 3 spa’s in India you must know about!



By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Need a fabulous spa where you can go and let go of all your burdens? Check out these three great spa’s in India.

Jiva Grande Spa at Vivanta


Photo Credit: weddngsutra.com

Located in Bekal, Kerala, this fabulous spa is known to give you the inner peace that you deserve. Packages include “Yoga, Ayurveda, spiritual retreats and Indian rejuvenation therapies”.

For more information on this spa, check out: http://www.vivantabytaj.com/bekal-kerala/spa.html

Ananda Spa


Photo Credit: adi-tour.com

This beautiful Spa is located in the Himalayas. This spa was ranked ‘Best Spa Academy’ in the Asia Pacific Region. They have over 80 body and beauty treatments that will ensure you are absolutely calm and relaxed by the time you leave.

For more information on this spa, check out: http://www.anandaspainstitute.com

Rewa Escape Spa


Photo Credit: rewaescape.com

Located opposite Cadbury House in Mumbai, this enchanting spa is exactly like it’s name, a beautiful escape. Their signature treatment and body scrubs are known to be soothing and calming. This popular spa’s philosophy is a quote by Albert Einstein, ” look deep into nature and you will understand everything better”.

For more information on this spa, check out: http://www.rewaescape.com


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