#ItsAboutYou- How to know when you can trust someone with your heart?



By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Trusting someone in general can be difficult. Trusting them with you heart? Scary! How do you know when it is the right time to let your guards down and truly let them in? Here are five factors you should look for:

Doesn’t lie– From what you know, this person has never lied to you. Sometimes people white lie and cover up the truth because saying things exactly how they are, can be very hurtful. However, if you truly believe that this person will be honest with you and wont be deceitful in anyway, then this is someone you can trust.

Doesn’t need chasing– This person is always there for you. You never feel the need to chase him because you ALWAYS manage to make time for each other. If he makes time for you, ensures you know you’re a priority to him, then this is someone you can trust. After all “ a man is only as good as his word’.

Always respects YOU: Unfortunately this is the part where most women get lost. The thing about respect is that if he hasn’t treated you well at ANY point then there is a huge chance that, that may never change. If a guy learns he can get a way with certain things, then from this he learns that you have already let your guard down for him. Even if he doesn’t have a true motive, he might take that for granted. Keep in mind that if someone shows you this side that they probably don’t deserve your heart until they have earned it. If you are in this situation and have already let your guard down, DON’T WORRY. You can always put them back up. Remember, ‘if YOU put someone on a pedestal, YOU can always take them off’.

Always There– This doesn’t mean being there every second of every day. lets face it, your dealing with a human being NOT a puppy. However, they should be there when you need them, WITHOUT FAIL! They should want to be that person for you. When someone ensures you that they are always there they are letting you know that they WANT to stand by your side.

TIME: Lastly, if you want to know when you can trust someone with your heart, the biggest factor would be, time. It is easy to play a part for three months. It is easy to show someone all your best qualities in that time. However, TIME is the only factor that shows a person another persons, core self. Don’t rush into things. Most Importantly, when you do decide to give your heart..

Make sure YOU’RE READY!



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