#ItGetsBetter – 5 ways to let go of things that hurt you!



By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Sometimes life throws ‘curve balls’ at you. Certain situations bring you down and you may find it hard to let go of the pain. You have to keep in mind that if things bring you down it is only so you learn how to stand right back up! Here are five things you can do to let go.

Don’t be bitter– Nothing good comes from holding on to anger. Sometimes we hold on to anger so we don’t have to focus on the fact that we are hurting. However, it is okay to hurt. It is important in the healing process. Let yourself go through the motions.

Forgive– Once you have let go of anger learn to forgive. Sometimes it’s a person and sometimes it’s your self. By doing this and doing this only, will you be able to reconnect with yourself and find peace of mind.

Detach– Detach from anything that may remind you of your pain. Spend some time attaching importance to all the wonderful things that YOU do have going for YOU. Stop dwelling on it. Remember “ The thing about time, is it takes time”.

Repeated Patterns– When the dust has settled, take some time to evaluate what caused the pain. Sometimes in life we put ourselves in repeated situations that cause us the same pain. If you are experiencing this it is life’s way of telling you that there is something you haven’t learned yet. Something you are not paying attention too. Take this time to do that. Otherwise, it will keep happening.

Believe- This one, is the hardest part. When you are going though pain it is easy to give up and stay cynical. However, keep in mind that you attract what you think. You need to ensure that you are always thinking positive. Trust me, it can get exhausting! But don’t let anything break you down to the point where you stop seeing the good. Life is beautiful and great things will come. After all, in the words of Roald Dahl, ‘those you don’t believe in magic, will never find it”.



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