#SportsNutrition- Top 6 reasons to consult a sports nutritionist


aarti1    aartipic

By Arati Shah

Co-founder and principal Nutritionist of Cafe Nutrition


Nutrition, fitness and coaching are the three pillars of any sporting activity.

Sports nutrition is a specialization within the field of nutrition that gives a practical daily eating plan with the prime aim to provide fuel for the physical activity, help in repair and recovery of the exercised muscles and optimize performance during training and competitive events.

A sports nutritionist needs to have a command of general nutrition and intertwine it with exercise science and help the sportsperson optimize performance.


  1. To be able increase stamina and endurance.
  2. To be able to gain muscular strength and power.
  3. To be able lose the body fat or gain muscle mass.
  4. To be able to make the correct food and beverage choices for sports performance.
  5. To be able to get an idea about what foods to eat before, during and after exercise or sport sessions.
  6. If you are an athlete with a medical condition like diabetes or food allergies it would be a good idea to get the right guidance from the sports nutritionist.

If you are looking to have benefits from your physical activity, whether competitive or recreational, bringing the right nutrition to the table will reward you with multiple benefits.



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