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By Arati Shah

Co-Founder and Principal Nutritionist of Cafe Nutrition

There are no magic bullets that give your child the competitive edge in sports. Lifestyle changes are all that is needed.

The following 5 lifestyle changes will help your kids stay ahead of competition:

STAY NATURAL: Clean, natural food in balanced amounts is recommended for your children. Limit processed and packaged foods. Make it a practice to read food labels to know what you are actually eating and feeding your family.

FUELLING PRE & POST WORKOUT: The right combination of carbohydrates and proteins before and after a workout or training session ensures adequate energy during the workout and muscle recovery after the session.

BALANCE OF MACRO & MICRO NUTRIENTS: Balancing the carbohydrate, protein and fat intake along with the necessary vitamin and minerals at each meal is crucial for overall good health.

SUFFICIENT HYDRATION: Hydrating your body before, during and after an exercise or practice session is an important aspect of performance and recovery. Replenishing the body with the lost electrolytes needs to be taken care of too.

ADEQUATE SLEEP: Rest, relaxation and a good sleep are critical for rejuvenation of the worked out muscles.

The relation between optimal nutrition and performance is inter – linked. Getting the right quantity and type of food depends on the training program, body needs and the individual sport need. Remember to give your child this competitive edge.



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