#BarsAndLounges- 4 Bars and Lounges that you should check out in Mumbai City.


FullSizeRender-54  FullSizeRender-58

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Looking for a place to go to this weekend? Sick and tired of going to you’re regular spots? Take a look at 5 places you should definitely check out this weekend.

The Irish House: Known for its great music and food, Irish House is a fabulous place to pre-game or have dinner, before moving on to your next venue.


The Daily– A well-decorated venue with a lively vibe, The Daily remains popular with all ‘Bandraites’. If you have seen and visited almost every place in town, then this is definitely a place you should visit.


Lazy Dog– Lazy Dog is a fantastic place to catch up with friends. They are known for their comforting ambience and soothing music. It’s an ideal venue to have ‘one on one’ conversations before a fun night out.


Long and Short– The best part about this lounge is that it now serves Shisha outside. You can opt to sit inside or outside. Inside, you can enjoy upbeat music while outside, you can enjoy the spectacular view of Marine Drive. One of my personal favourites, Long and Short is always a sensational place to visit on the weekend.



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