#HappyPeople- 5 Traits Happy People share!



By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Want to know what all happy people have in common? Take a look at some of the traits people who focus on being happy follow. Try some of them today!

Accept Change: ‘Happy people’ accept change. They are not afraid of it; neither do they let it bother them. They look at the world as something that is beautiful and exciting. They welcome the new.

Love Them Selves: This is easier said then done. However, people who are truly happy are comfortable in their own skin. They do not need anyone to complete them. They complete themselves.

Easy Come, Easy Go: ‘Happy people’ also understand that relationships and people change. They enjoy their company and value their contribution to their growth. If for some reason the connection changes they are content enough to not hold on, and let it go.

Live In The Now: They don’t plan on what will make them happy in the future. They live every moment like it was their last. All that matters is being happy TODAY!

Trust The Universe: They believe everything happens for a reason. I know telling yourself that can be frustrating because the reason is not given to you on a silver platter. However, if you wait a while, things have a funny way of showing you what path you were meant to be on.


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