#SelfieMania- Three tools you can use to take the best Selfie.



By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Sick of blurred Selfies? Unhappy with the way they turn out? Here are three tools you can use in order to ensure that you get the BEST SELFIES

  • Urban Outfitters- The Selfie

This device connects easily to your phone and works as a remote. Instead of fighting for the right angle of your face, perfect background and trying desperately to click the phone, this product provides you with a way to pose and then simply click the device in your hand.

  • Cellfy- Cellfy Stick

This product clicks on to surfaces. You can attach your phone to it (like a cover), find the right angle and click away!

  • Sharper Image- The telescoping Selfie Arm Stick

This serves as an extension to your arm. A long stick where you attach your phone and get the angle you and your friends are looking for. An awesome device, that is completely waterproof and extremely popular.



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