#Workout- 5 easy exercises you can do from home!



By Shahzeen Shivdasani

You don’t need a gym membership to stay in shape. Here are five easy exercises you can do from the comfort of your own environment. Have a look!

Walking– Whether it is investing in a treadmill at home or walking in the park, brisk walking is a great way to ensure you stay in shape. Take half an hour out of your day and ensure that you get some cardio.

Crunches: When you are done with any sort of cardio, spend time doing a ten-minute ‘crunches’ routine. This will work strictly on your abs giving you that flat stomach you strongly desire.

Yoga– With all the wonderful classes Mumbai city has to offer, find a yoga instructor that can come home for an hour, three days a week. This will help you in toning your muscles and will also de-stress you and give you mental peace.

Weights– If you are someone that wants to tone your muscles but doesn’t like yoga then you can invest in buying weights that you can keep at home. Another great way of achieving this is by using two Pepsi 600 ml bottles and doing arm reps. Do not use heavy weights, as you don’t want to become ‘bulky’.

Jump Rope– Another awesome way of doing cardio is by doing 10 minutes of cardio on a jump rope. This works effectively as you are using your entire body. When you are done, do a few stretches and crunches so you incorporate a routine.




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