#MentalPeace- 4 ways to stay calm when dealing with unresolved situations!


1By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Sometimes your find yourself faced with situations that cause a great amount of anxiety. It affects your sleep, your health and your mental peace. Here are my top 4 ways of how you how can deal with such situations.

Take a long hot shower: Taking a long hot shower calms your muscles and your mind instantly. Groom yourself, do your nails or style your hair. Find a way to be productive at home so you are not focusing on a specific situation.

Mantras- Have daily Mantras. Tell yourself that you are only in control of YOU. Everything will work out the way it has to. There is no point in causing anxiety for your self.

Hang out with friends– It is important that you hang out with your friends and take yourself out of the situation. Sometimes, not focusing on something gives you perspective on how you want to deal with it. This can only be achieved when you are calm and not over analyzing the situation.

Laugh– Find ways to keep yourself happy. Whether it is watching a funny TV show or being with friends and family, laugh through your ‘inner mess’. You are only anxious because you do not know how the situation will turn out. However, the situation will ‘play out’ and you will have your questions answered soon enough. Do not jump to conclusions. Let things unfold and most importantly, do not forget to BREATHE.


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