#Men’sFashion- 4 Simple Fashion Tips For Men!











By Shahzeen Shivdasani.Looking for a way to become more fashionable? Here are 4 tips that all men should follow!

Don’t be flashy– Do not be ‘over the top’. Don’t try various different colors in one outfit. Do not wear tons of jewelry. If you keep things simpler and closer to your own style, the more fashionable you will seem.

Stick to the same style– Be careful of how you match your outfit. Ensure that they are all part of the same theme. If you are going for casual or rugged, the top and bottom of your outfit has to be within the same style.

Because it is ‘in’: Just because something is ‘in’, doesn’t mean you have to have it! Women follow this rule as well. If it looks good on you ONLY then do you purchase this item. Remember, not everything suits everyone.

Ask for advice– If you haven’t figured out what your style is yet, go shopping with a girl friend. That’s what they are there for! Try on different things till you find the look that is most, ‘YOU’. Do not get carried away with what they suggest either. At the end of the day, you need to be confident with your OWN image.



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