#BirthdayCakes- Top 4 places you can buy Fantastic Birthday Cakes in Mumbai












By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Need to find a delicious birthday cake that is completely fabulous? Take a look at the top 4 places you simply HAVE to check out.

Leo’s Boulangerie– Phone:022 6527 4499

This fabulous Café is known for its exquisite cakes. The best part is, they also home deliver. Visit them today and pick the cake of your choice. You can also call them and go through their menu with them. After you have picked the one you like the most you can have them deliver it, right to your doorstep.


Theobroma Patisserie – Phone:022 2288 0101

This is one of Mumbai’s most popular cafes, which is known specifically for their delicious cakes. The best part about this café is everything is displayed in the café for you to pick from. They also have other products like biscuits and bread that you can opt to buy with your cake. Visit Theobroma and pick from their magnificent cakes.


Toujours Patisserie– Phone:022 2369 3254

Toujours was by far the most popular café in 2014. Their divine cakes leave everyone craving more. They are specially known for their customized cakes. For my last birthday I was gifted a phenomenal cake that was themed around every girl’s favorite show ‘Sex and the City’. From fancy to regular, Tojours never disappoints your taste buds.


Melting Pot Patisserie– Phone: 022 6783 4949

Melting Pot’s Their is known for their spectacular cakes and desserts that are completely ‘out of this world’. Visit this patisserie at Churchgate and pick from their magnificent cakes.





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