#Movies- Top 4 date night movies!


1By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Looking for movies both you and your significant other can enjoy on a night in? Here are 4 choices to choose from!

How To Loose A Guy In Ten Days– This classic ‘Rom Com’ never fails to disappoint. Explaining how men and women think, this movie serves as the perfect comedy that will make you both laugh.2Hitch– You can never go wrong with Will Smith. This movie has the right elements of comedy and romance that will entertain both of you.3Crazy, Stupid, Love– This hilarious movie is a great movie to watch on a night in. It has a unique plot that will keep you interested through out the movie. Ladies, it has Ryan Gosling. Need I say more?4


Iron Man 3- You are probably wondering why this movie made the list. This is because date night isn’t only about you. Men tend to like action movies. You will also enjoy this movie as the graphics and story line are extremely gripping. Throw this movie in your list of choices. Watch how your other half will be amazed and thankful that you did not make this night, all about YOU.



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