#Relationships – 5 things Men need to know about relationships!


2By Shahzeen Shivdasani 

We have already looked at what women should know about men, in relationships. Take a look at what men should know when the tables are turned.

  •  Don’t be clingy: Understand that women will definitely make you a priority but we have a life as well. If your girl wants to hang out with her friends, family or work colleagues, give her space.  Do not call her and text her through out the night, she is NOT going to forget your existence just because she is not out with you.
  • Do what YOU say– If you say you are going to do something, do it! Women do not appreciate ‘flakiness’.  Remember, a wan is only as good as his word.
  • Be there for her– If she turns to you for a problem, be there for her. Listen to her. Do not make the problem about yourself. She is turning to you because she values YOUR opinion.
  • Take care of yourself– Sometimes men get in relationships and get comfortable. They stop dressing up and may even tend to gain weight. We want a man that always feels the need to impress us. Yes, we maybe in love with you, but just like we take the time to get all ‘dolled up’ for you, we would appreciate you caring enough to do the same.
  • Surprise us– Catch us ‘off guard’ once in a while. Plan something nice and show us that romance still exists. Most importantly, DON’T  take OUR love for granted.

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