#OutOfTheBlue-Check out my fabulous night at Mumbai’s popular restaurant -Out Of The Blue Khar


Shahzeen Shivdasani and Anik Bajaj


Out Of Blue

Menu Awaits Us







By Shahzeen Shivdasani

If you are looking for a fabulous venue with great food, then Out Of The Blue is the place to be.

Last Friday, I had dinner at this restaurant with close friends and was completely amazed by their services, food and ambience. The Owner, Anik Bajaj, had organized a spectacular feast and joined us for this exquisite meal.

What amazed me the most about Out Of The Blue, is the venue itself. With winter upon us, most of us tend to enjoy the breeze and opt to sit outside. Out Of The Blue, offers both inside and outside seating arrangements. The outside ambience is classy and cozy while the inside ambience has live music and is more upbeat. It was amazing to see how one restaurant can give you both a soft and lively scene, at the same time.

Anik began our feast with drinks and appetizers. I opted for their one of a kind ‘Druken Melon’ cocktail that was simply phenomenal.


Druken Melon

We then went on to have the Mezze Platter and the Spinach Feta Tangerine Salad.


Spinach Feta Tangerine Salad

Our mains included the Stuffed Chicken, Chicken Under a Brick and the Masala Mafia Pasta.


Masala Mafia Pasta


Stuffed Chicken









I can’t honestly say any one dish was my personal favourite. This is one of the few times I can truly say that every single dish we tried was cooked to complete perfection. My friends and I truly had a wonderful evening, which included fantastic food and drinks. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Anik Bajaj brought to you only by Yahvi News. If You Haven’t checked out Out Of The Blue in Khar yet, YOU are clearly missing out!



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