#Relationships- 5 signs that tell you he is a keeper!


1By Shahzeen Shivdasani

The beginning of any new relationships can be tricky. You wonder if the person is ‘all in’ or if this is more of a ‘casual thing’. Here are 5 signs that let you know the man you are dating is definitely a keeper!


He does what he says: It is easy to say things and then not live up to them. If he calls you when he says he will, meets you when he says he will and does exactly what HE SAYS, don’t let that go unnoticed. It is truly hard to find.


He turns to you: Your opinion matters. When he needs advice you are the first person he would turn to. This shows you that he takes YOU seriously.


Accepts you for who you are: If he doesn’t try to change you then he is Definitely a keeper. He should accept and love you for who you are and not the IDEA OF YOU.


Makes you a priority: He should be taking the time to think of what he can do everyday to make you smile and let you know that you are important to him.


Has a life: Although you are his priority he shouldn’t make you his life. He shows you that you are one of the most important things in his life but he has other things that make him, HIM. This shows you that he will probably be attracted to a woman who has her own set of priorities as well. You have to learn to be one of the colors in someone’s rainbow, not the entire rainbow itself. Only then, does the pot of gold await you at the end.


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