#HealthyNails ! Top 5 Don’ts for super Nails !


By Dr. Deepti Ghia, M.D.

Consultant Dermatologist, Trichologist, Dermatosurgeon (All Doctors Clinic and Kaya Skin Clinic)

  •  Don’t cut your cuticles
During manicures, the cuticle should only be pushed back and a cuticle softner should be used
  •  Don’t use nails as a tool
There is high probability of damaging them.
  •  Don’t peel of off your old nail polish
This can peel the protective top layer of the nail with it
  •  Don’t overdo manicures
Make sure your practitioner is using sterilized instruments and the soaking tub is clean as these sessions can be a source of infections

Dr. Deepti Ghia  M.D.

Dr. Deepti Ghia M.D.

  •  Don’t bite your nails!!

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