#Singlelife- Top 4 reasons why being single is actually pretty awesome!



By Shahzeen Shivdasani


Yes, I am aware that all your friends and cousins are in relationships. I am also aware that wedding season tends to literally go on all year long as you attend them alone. Seeing everyone around you in a relationship but yourself can get really intoxicating. However, remember that the ‘grass is always greener on the other side’. Here are top 5 reasons why:


Compromise on what exactly? The best part of being single is you don’t have to compromise on anything. You get to do whatever it is you want without having to answer to anyone. Of course, you will still have responsibilities and your family and friends to think about. However, everything manages to stay very balanced, as they will only want some of your time not ALL of it.


Friends and family: Nothing, I repeat, nothing comes in the way of the time you allocate to your friends and family. When you are done with work and your daily routine, you do not have to ‘check in’ on someone to see if they will feel bad if you opt to spend time with your other loved ones.


Fights: I truly believe that single people, who are happy in their skin, laugh more. You tend to enjoy all the beautiful and small things in your daily routine and learn to be happy with yourself. In relationships the few arguments and fights that you might have, can actually ruin your mood for the entire day. When you’re single, no one has that effect on you.


Be you: A lot of the time people get in relationships and conform to something they are not. Making two people get on one path can be difficult. However, when you are single the only path you have to be concerned about is yours. Use this time to learn how to be comfortable with yourself. By doing this you will realize, that when you do get into a long-term relationship he will probably be very content with him self as well.  Be with someone that doesn’t want to be your life, he just wants to earn a reason, to be part of it.



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