#WinterSpecial- 5 Things you must do for your skin this winter!

By Dr. Deepti Ghia , M.D.Consultant Dermatologist, Trichologist, Dermatosurgeon


  •  Moisturise More

Frequency of putting moisturizer is directly proportional to how dry your skin is.

  •  Avoid super hot baths

Hot water can steal the essential protective oils secreted by your skin

  • Grease your feet and hands

Extremities are prone to getting dry quickly as they are exposed to environment and constant washing, hence require moisturizers with a thicker base.

  •  Avoid harsh peels, alcohol based toner and astringents

Any parlor activity and products which can strip your skin off the natural oils can make your skin dry, red and sensitive

  • Sunscreen is not only for the Summer

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are reaching earth every season!


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