Top 4 hangover remedies

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Just like most people you know, New Year’s was a blast and now your body is paying the price. Here are top 4 hang over remedies that will get you through the weekend.


REST– There is nothing more important than giving your body the rest it needs. Pick a day and sleep in. Read a good book or watch a good movie but make sure that you sleep it out.

Nimbu Paani– Lemon and water is a great home remedy that will hydrate your body. Have at least two glasses in the day to give your body the refreshing feeling it craves.

Panadol– If you have a bad headache, don’t suffer it. Eat something and take a pain killer. Do not ruin your entire day because of this ‘yucky’ feeling.

Oily foods– Forget about your diet for a day and let yourself eat. If you have really ‘over done it’, then you need to eat. Whether it is pizza or Chinese food, oily food will help you feel better almost instantly.



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