5 foods that will naturally whiten your teeth!

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Are you Sick of visiting the dentist frequently to whiten your teeth? Below is a list of foods you can eat that will naturally do this for you:

1. Broccoli: For the best treatment, eat this vegetable raw. The crispiness in Broccoli helps remove stains from your teeth. Elements in this vegetable also aid in intensifying this effect.

2. Milk- We all know that milk is very good for your teeth. However, since Calcium helps in strengthening your teeth, keep in mind that this also helps to whiten them.

3. Strawberries- Eating strawberries is proven to whiten your teeth. Malic acid that is found in strawberries, works as an astringent and aids in discoloration.

4. Citrus- Be careful with citrus as it can eat away at your tooth enamel.However, oranges, lemons and other such fruits are also known to help in teeth whitening.

5. Nuts- The rough surface in nuts helps in removing stains and any other dirt from your teeth. This helps your teeth stay white and ensures you get to keep smiling confidently.



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