Top 10 parties in Mumbai for welcoming this New Year!

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

1. CAFÉ ZOE: Not only will Café Zoe stay open till late on New Years Eve but they have amazing prices for their passes. They will be serving their unique menu and drinks through out the night.

Cost: RS. 2,000 per person. For bookings call: 24902066.

2. AQABA: This popular restaurant opened up earlier this year. Spend a fabulous night at Aqaba as DJ Kaushal will play tunes that will keep you on the dance floor.

3. HARD ROCK CAFÉ: One of Mumbai’s favorite restaurants will be hosting a masquerade themed party.

Cost: RS. 3,500 for singles and RS. 6,000 for couples. This includes unlimited alcohol and appetizers. For bookings call: 24382888.

4. CHEVAL: Cheval will host their supermassive party this New Years Eve. They will stay open till 5 am. This will include unlimited alcohol and a wonderful food spread.

For information on costs and bookings call: 022-40396638 or +91-9664830615.

5. BLUE FROG: Blue Frog is known for music and this New Year that is exactly what they will provide you with. Join them as DJs Leon Russel and Monty play a set of retro, hip-hop and house beats.

Cost: RS. 5,000 for singles and RS. 8,000 for couples. For bookings call: 61586158.

6. THE LOCAL: Local is an excellent place to spend time with close family and friends. Enjoy their mixed music of different genres that will be played through out the night. This will include Karaoke .

Cost: RS. 2000 per head. For bookings call: 9820282522.

7. SHIRO: Shiro has always been known for its food. But this year it has managed to throw some great parties as well. Join them this New Years Eve for their one of a kind event.

Cost: RS. 4,000 for singles and RS. 7,000 for couples. This will include unlimited alcohol and appetizers. For bookings call: 66511207

8. HOTEL MARINE PLAZA: This hotel has five different restaurants where you can spend your New Years Eve. You can call them and decide which party or parties you would like to attend.

9. CLUB ALIBII: Located in Colaba, this is one of the most ‘happening’ nightclubs in the city.Enjoy some of their spectacular deals for the night.

Cost: RS. 1,500 for women, RS. 4,000 for men and RS. 5,500 for couples. This includes unlimited Alcohol and appetizers. For bookings call: 22028700

10. EXO & LI BAI: Mumbai’s most famous nightclub promises you a night you won’t forget. DJs Madoc and Jay Bai will be spinning tunes all night.

Cost: RS. 7,000 unlimited alcohol and food. Call for bookings: 8879588550




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