5 resolutions every woman should make this year

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

New Year resolutions are made so you can focus on a new YOU in the year to come. Take a look at 5 resolutions every woman should make this year:


  1. Handling Criticism: Try to handle criticism well. Do not allow yourself to be effected by criticism. If you hear something about yourself that you do not like, follow it up with a compliment. If it is something you think is true then learn from it. However, view the comment from YOUR own eyes and not from the eyes of the person who made it.
  2. Give back: Try getting involved by‘giving back to mankind’. Whether it is charity or your love for animals, get yourself involved in a cause that ensures you are not only thinking of yourself and are doing something for others.
  3. Healthy Living: Do you take care of your health? I find that there is always something we can do better in order to take care of our health. Look for an aspect in your life that requires more work. Take a step forward to make sure your life is balanced and healthy.
  4. Career: Take the time to figure out how you can be more efficient at work. Think of your growth plan and what factors will help you excel. Being an independent women, will only make YOU feel great about yourself.
  5. Put yourself first: Women tend to constantly live up to ideals, expectations and the opinions of others. Take the time to understand your own wants and needs and concentrate on YOURSELF!




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