Yahvi Exclusive! Indigo Delicatessen- A Christmas Review!

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

I spent my Christmas evening at one of Mumbai’s most popular restaurants. Indigo Deli has always been one of those restaurants that have been known for its irresistible food and commendable service. From the time you walked in, one could feel the Christmas spirit all around you. From their well-decorated porch to their well-decorated venue, Indigo Deli was ensuring that the festive season engulfed us.

Indigo Deli

Indigo Deli

Along with their a la carte menu, the restaurant had prepared their very own Christmas special menu. This included authentic Christmas dishes as well as desserts. Although most my family opted to eat from their a la carte menu, I opted to try their specials.


The best dish by far was American Butterball Turkey Roulade with Thyme and Potatoes. The tenderness of the Turkey was sensational. They also had a divine Cranberry Sauce on top of the Turkey that added a unique flavor and ensured that the Turkey was perfectly moist.


American Butterball Turkey Roulade

American Butterball Turkey Roulade

Another spectacular dish that we all shared was their warm Christmas Pudding with Bourbon Sauce. This pudding was extremely soft and the sauce was simply exquisite.


Christmas Pudding with Bourbon Sauce


Some of the other dishes that we tried are dishes that Indigo is most famous for. This includes their Deli BBQ Chicken Burger with Sweet Pickled onions and a Fried Egg and their Steak and Onion with Blue Cheese.

Deli BBQ Chicken Burger


Steak and Onion with Blue Cheese


We had a truly delightful evening!



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