Celebrate this Christmas at Melting Pot!

Melting Pot brings Christmas to you!

#GreatFood #GreatMealExperience

Looking for a place to eat a wonderful Christmas meal with your Friends and Family? Visit Melting Pot on Christmas and enjoy their impeccable hospitality on this festive day.The special dish on their menu that is much talked about is their divine stuffed Roasted Turkey. Their lunch Buffet is priced  at Rs. 1200 only, inclusive of all taxes and is accompanied by unlimited wine and beer that will put you in the mood for your ‘mouth watering’ feast!

Thus if you are looking for a fabulous menu and venue to celebrate one of your favorite holidays, then Melting Pot is the place to be! Their A  La Carte menu will also be available if you wish to choose a different cuisine.

Melting Pot is known well known for their Indian, Chinese and Seafood dishes. Their desserts are known to be outstanding and simply fabulous. A restaurant with wonderful service and the perfect ambience, Melting Pot is a place that you just can’t miss this 25th. Let Melting Pot bring the Christmas spirit to you!

Christmas Melting Pot


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