Top 3 things women should keep in mind when dealing with relationships!

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Author John James states ‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus’. For years women and men fail to understand and communicate with each other effectively. However, perhaps if we just understood what men were really thinking our relationships with our other halves would be more successful. Here are 3 things you can keep in mind:

  •  Men need space– When a man pulls away from a relationship women immediately think that something is wrong. Women think this way because when we do it, something is always wrong. However, when a man does this he does this to gain his sense of self-back.  Respect his wishes and watch him come back with more love if you give him the space he craves.
  • Men actually like putting in effort– When it comes to relationships, women tend to ‘over do’ everything. We take complete control of the relationship and get involved in our ideals of what it should like. The thing about men is that they actually like doing things for you. The reason for this is men like having the control. Share the control once in a while. Let him surprise and spoil YOU.
  • Head Vs. Heart– Men are programmed to think more practical and women more emotional. However, this does not mean that your man doesn’t care. He might find it hard to comprehend the way you think but cut him some slack. Let him be there for you in his own way and appreciate his efforts. You wont always understand him either so return the favor when needed.




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