Yahvi Exclusive! Live Sessions at Café Zoe with Ryan and Friends

Written by Shahzeen Shivdasani

There is nothing like watching live Music.  Mumbai city is now getting into live music in a big way. Various artists and bands are now playing at different venues to bring out the true essence of what music is really all about. This Thursday I was lucky enough to catch Ryan and friends at Café Zoe in Lower Parel.
Ryan Sadri kick started the night by playing beautifully along side the DJ, grabbing the attention of everyone at the restaurant. His sound was unique, rare and extremely refreshing. He walked around the restaurant as he played his saxophone while the crowd was left in complete amazement.

Soon after, Ryan was joined by his friends on stage for a spectacular set. He was joined by, Rohan Mazumdar (vocals), Karan Joseph (Keyboard) and Andrew Kanga (drums). The high energy and passion that was brought out by this set was simply sensational. The song that stood out from their set was ‘Suit and Tie’ by Justin Timberlake. Hearing the saxophone and the keyboard cover this song in its truest essence was magnificent.
This event was sponsored by 100 Pipers and curated by New Clear Ideas (who host various events at Café Zoe every Thursday).

If you are looking for live music sessions, Café Zoe is definitely the place to be. Stay tuned for interviews from Ryan and friends that will be brought to you only  exclusively by Yahvi News.

Ryan Sadri (saxophone), Rohan Mazumdar (vocals), Karan Joseph (keyboard) and Andrew Kanga (drums).


Ryan Sadri


Ryan and Friends




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