5 Ways for Women to find Happiness!

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Most women feel the need to live up to ideals that they have created. Whether it is how they come off to their loved ones, how they should act in society or what they think their perfect guy should be like. Everything finds a way of working itself out if you find a way to be happy from within. Here are top 5 reasons why:

  •  Don’t expect: As human beings we tend to have expectations from people that we care about. No one is asking you to not have close relationships but only care about how you will act and react towards a certain situation. Expectations from someone else will only make you lose control of your own happiness.
  • Value you own opinions– People will always have things to say about you. Don’t let that change your opinion about yourself. Be confident. Look in the mirror and be happy with what you see and the person you are. By doing this at least then you know that the people in your life currently, are people who love you for the real you.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: One of the ways you can find happiness within is to take care of yourself. Whether it is working out, eating healthy or meditating, ensure that you put yourself and your needs first.
  • Respect yourself– Always know when to get out of unhealthy relationships, jobs that don’t satisfy you and friends that don’t treat you well. This is YOUR life to live. Treat your life like a rainbow. The colors you see are the ones that YOU add to it.
  • Think Positive– Thoughts become actions and actions become destiny. The law of attraction is always at work. So think positive. It helps you deal with whatever life offers, remain happy and live life to the fullest.




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