Quick yoga routine you can do from home to jump-start your day!

Written by Shahzeen Shivdasani

Yoga not only helps with helping you stay toned but it improves your flexibility. It is known to improve ones health as well as help with your mental focus. The routine below is called the ‘Warrior Sequence’. Take a look at how you can add this yoga routine to your everyday workout regime.

  •  Awkward Chair: You will start with putting your feet together. Lower your body into a chair position and bend down slightly. Keep your arms and hands together aligned above your head. Notice the pull on your legs thus giving your legs the workout it needs.
  • Warrior One Pose: After taking a deep breath take one foot to the back of your mat. The foot you have taken back should be perfectly straight. You will now be in a lunge position. Keep your arms and hands over your head like before.
  • Warrior Two Pose: After you have balanced your body in the previous position it is time to move on to the next one. Stretch out both your arms towards each foot. Balance your body by holding this pose for at least half a minute.
  • High lunge: After taking a deep breath, turn your body towards the foot that is in front. Slowly lift your arms up and stretch out.
  • Awkward Chair: After taking a deep breath bring your foot that is behind back in front thus allowing you to come back to Awkward chair, which is the position you started with.

Awkward Chair


Warrior One Pose


Warrior Two Pose


High Lunge


Awkward Chair



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