6 Ingredients you must use for beautiful skin!

It can be hard to choose from all the various skin products in the market. Taking care of you skin and adding a skin regime to your lifestyle helps with not only aging well but adds a glow to your face when you don’t have make up on. Here are a few ingredients that you should ensure is in the products you purchase that will help give you the shine that you seek.

  • Glycerin– There is nothing more ‘eye catching’ then skin that glows. This ingredient is mostly found in moisturizers and cleansers. It immediately calms and refreshes your skin to give you the moisture your skin needs for the day.
  • Oils- Oils are essential for dry skin. This doesn’t clog up your pores but helps with cushioning you skin. This helps in reducing impurities and ensuring that the make up you use does not affect your skin.
  • Antioxidants– Damaging radicals such as pollution, smoke and toxins can be very rough on your skin. This ingredient serves as a powerful aid to ensure your skins safety. Antioxidants are very easily found in cleansers, moisturizers and most skin care products. However, this is an ingredient that you must include in your everyday skin care regime.
  • Butter-Butter is known as ultra- hydrators for your skin. Not only is this very light on your face but this ingredient provides the most moisture and prevents dryness.
  • Vitamin B5– This ingredient helps with conditioning your skin for any other treatment that might follow. Not only does this improve softness and reduce dry skin but this is also a key ingredient for hydration. This ingredient can be found in various gels and moisturizers.
  • Caffeine– Although this ingredient might be one that helps you start your day it is also essential for skin care. This can be found in many eye creams, as it is known to lessen fine lines. It has many brightening advantages and also serves as an anti inflammatory for your skin.



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