5 First Date tips for Women

First dates can be ‘nerve wracking’.  It starts when you’re getting ready. Millions of questions cross your mind. Will it go well? Will he call me after? Will I have food stuck in my teeth? Here are a few first date tips for women that will not only keep you calm but will help you get through your date with ease.

  • Be yourself– The only way you can stay calm is if you don’t pretend to be something your not. Remember he asked YOU out. He is probably more nervous than you are. Use this time to enjoy your self and get to know him.
  • Be able to make decisions– Remember you don’t have to impress him. Letting him order and not knowing what you want shows indecisiveness. Take the lead and be confident.
  • Be a good Listener– When he is opening up to you on certain topics hear him out. Do not cut him off and start speaking about yourself. You will get a chance to open up as well. Ensure that the connection is not only mutual but both parties are being heard.
  • Do not over share- He doesn’t need to know your whole life story on the first date. If the connection is mutual you will have other dates where the two of you can share more. However, Make him want to know more.
  • Do not initiate the next date– Most girls presume the date went well and immediately say things like “Let me know when your free”. Although many things have changed over the years the one thing that hasn’t is that, men love the chase. Don’t come of to eager. If you think the date went well stay calm and he will get in touch with you. If not, in the words of Greg Behrendt “He’s just not that into you”. If that turns out to be the case then let it go. You deserve to be with someone that is truly into you and before you know it, he will come around soon enough.



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