5 easy ways to make your long distance relationship work

Long Distance can truly be tricky. You need to have a positive attitude if you are going to try this. Here are five easy steps that the both of you can do to ensure that your relationship not only works but the magic stays alive!

  • Constantly keep in touch– It is hard when someone is in your life everyday and then all of a sudden your lives become separate. Constantly let your other half know that you are there for them and clue them in on what is happening in your life.
  • Trust your partner– Time differences can be difficult. However, keep in mind that just because your partner may have not answered their phone doesn’t mean they are cheating on you. Don’t assume the worst and be patient. They will call you back.
  • Visiting– Always try to plan when you both will see each other next. You can’t have a relationship based solely on phone calls. You need to spend time together as well. Take a trip together or try to visit each other in your respective cities.
  • Sending Gifts– Send each other cute gifts when you miss your loved one. It is always nice to be reminded that someone you care about thinks about you and takes the time to do something special for you. This will also help with keeping the magic alive.
  • Know each others schedule– Knowing each others schedule is the most important as it will help you with being able to trust each other. By knowing this you will remember to stay calm if you can not get in touch with your other half. Also, this helps in staying connected and knowing how each of you spends your time.

long distance


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