Zomato – Guide to using the Awesome App

Need an easy step-by-step guide that will help you use one of the most popular applications there is? Follow our pointers below as we walk you through all you need to know when using Zomato:

  1. Download the app- Download the application from your Mobile store. Once you have this done you can officially get started.
  2. Sign up-Zomato will then ask you for a quick sign up process. Enter your information and you will be ready to get started.
  3. Get Started– Once you are on Zomato’s homepage, it is now time to familiarize yourself with the icons. On the homepage itself you can view Zomato’s unique ‘Collections’. This has a list of various groups of restaurants you can visit and browse. This includes “what is trending this week, what has newly opened, Sea View restaurants, Sports bars, best places to eat for Sunday brunches, Romantic restaurants, students favorite restaurants” and the list goes on.
  4. Search Icon– At the bottom of your Zomato homepage you will see various different icons. These are Search, Nearby, ‘Plus Sign’, Feed and Me.
  • Search- Search for a restaurant of your choice.
  • Nearby- Search for restaurants that are close to you.
  • ‘Plus sign’- Check in at a restaurant (You can add on Facebook that you are currently eating at a specific place), write a review and upload a photo.
  • Feed- Connect your Twitter account with Zomato and find you friends on Zomato and view their reviews.
  • Me-Write your own reviews.
  1. Menus: Once you have familiarized yourself with all the icons you can now start viewing restaurants. Once you click on a place of interest you can then view its full menu, phone numbers and directions to the restaurant.
  2. Reviews: The best part about Zomato is being able to view various different restaurant reviews. Once you have clicked on a restaurant you will also notice reviews of the restaurant on the page itself. You can then use this to decide if you would like to visit your place of interest or not.


Use this guide to familiarize yourself with Zomato and get started today!


zomato 3

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