Zomato – Exploring all the Collections

One of the most exciting qualities that this application has to offer is its Collections icon. Zomato’s collections subgroups different restaurants making your search for new and exciting places, easy. The list below contains a few of the unique subgroups you will find on Zomato:

  • Trending this week: Take a look at some of the most popular and most happening restaurants rated by Zomato this week. If you are looking for a new place to try turning to this subgroup is the best way to guide you.
  • Newly Opened- Ever wonder what new restaurant has opened that you haven’t tried yet? You can check out the various restaurants that Zomato has listed for you to make your decision simpler.
  • Romantic- Looking for a new place to take your loved one? This subgroup lists all the romantic restaurants making it easy for you to go through and find the perfect one for you both.
  • Sunday brunches- Let’s be honest. One of the best qualities about this city will always be Brunches. Unsure where you can get the tastiest meal as well as well priced cocktails? If so, this is the subgroup for you. Zomato lists all the ‘brunchy’ restaurants for you so that all you have to do, is pick.
  • Kickass Burgers- Everyone has their own way they like their burger. Some like it crispy, some soft and getting a perfect one to meet your preferences is almost impossible to find. With this subgroup Zomato helps you view different restaurants serving popular burgers in the city thus narrowing down your search.
  • Late night delivery- No body enjoys cooking at night! With this subgroup you can now see restaurants near you that are open at night to cater to your late night munchies.
  • Best Cupcakes -To find the best desserts near you-this subgroup is super useful.
  • Hot Clubspots, Regional Favorites, Veggie Friendly, Pocket Friendly, Live Music , Kebab Places, Rooftops and Celeb Spotting are some of the other subgroups.

When it comes to Collections on Zomato the list goes on. Log in to Zomato and browse through all their different subgroups to get Mumbai’s complete restaurant experience.

Zomato 2

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