UpperCrust Food and Wine Show- The Wines

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

Unlike any other food exhibition the UpperCrust Show in Mumbai not only exhibits a vast variety of food but also exhibits different Wine being sold in Mumbai. This year UpperCrust has three stalls dedicated to wine lovers.

Sula: Sula is one of the most popular wines in Mumbai City.  Sula Vineyards has a reputation as India’s number one premium wine company. The wine is available nationwide at the finest hotels and restaurants and are also exported to Asia, Europe, the Unites States and Canada.At Upper Crust Sula has its very own stall where one can purchase a glass of their finest wines or a bottle. Another fabulous offer that they include for these three days is that for fifty Rupees one can enjoy tasting upto five different types of their wine. Their fine wines include their Premium Reds, Premium Whites, Sparkling Wines and Value Wines.

Air8or: Air8or are products made specifically for your wine. This includes There Air80r product that is built to let your wine breathe. It is a scientific design that allows perfect mixture of air with the wine that it is poured through. The aroma, flavor, color, intensity and taste are instantly improved. These factors help bring out the true characteristics of the wine.They also introduce their product Chillrz. This is a product made specifically to cool your wine. Ever wanted to drink your bottle of wine but you have forgotten to cool it in the fridge first? If so, this is the product for you. Chillrz is based on a revolutionary concept that will cool your wine to the ideal temperature instantly. Put your very own Chillerz in the freezer, place it on your bottle of wine that you wish to open and your wine will pour into your glass instantly chilled. At UpperCrust these products are being sold at discounted rates. The stall manager will also provide you with more information on where to purchase their products.

Reviolo: Reviolo is a collection of the finest estate wines that express a combination of exceptional grape ripeness, and the most complete expression of the wine maker’s art.  Reviolo’s bottles are said to have “the vintage stamp of elegance, balance and texture”. At UpperCrust this is the only stall that holds a completely FREE wine tasting for their red and white wines. Not only can you taste their wines but you can also purchase bottles of the wine you like most. They will also then provide you information on their outlets.

Don’t forget to visit UpperCrust’s food and wine show next year.It is truly an event to remember.

Sula Wines




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