UpperCrust Food and Wine Show- The Food

By Shahzeen Shivdasani

The Food hall:  The Food Hall was a showcase of various different Indian restaurants In Mumbai.  This included Jafferbhai’s Delhi Darbar, Noor Mohammadi, Chinese stir-fry from Wok In The Box, Bengali delicacies from Bong Bong, Kutumbh Sakhi for their range of ladoos, puranpolis and other Maharashtrian savories and Mexican goodies from Sanchos.

The heart of the food Hall event was the ‘Live Kitchen’ sector. This is where the city’s most popular Chef’s displayed their secrets and skills. The Chefs visited UpperCrust were Harpal Singh Sokhi (Ching’s Secret), Bhairav Singh Rajput (Novotel), Varun Inamdar, Shantanu Gupte and Shailendra Singh (Food Food), Anurag Barthwal (Trident BKC), Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal (APB Cook Studio), Michael Swamy (Cottage Chef Culinaire), Adriano Baldasssare (Oberoi) and Andrea Fidora (Monin). Every foodies dream is to attend an event where the best food is served and to learn secrets on how to make their favorite dishes. UpperCrust made that possible for everyone who falls in this category.

It was truly amazing to see so many organizations come together to display their goods and inform us more about them. Here is a list of some of the products that stood out:

Cool Chef and Prakash Chilli:  The owner Kaviraj Thadani, introduced us to his company’s unique products. Cool Chef is the name of their specialty meats that are cut and delivered to your doorstep. This includes their various different types of chicken, goat mutton, pork and beef. They will soon be introducing their smoked meats and their large range of gourmet fresh sausages. Prakash Chilli is one of the other products that they displayed at the event. It’s perfect spice and zest will leave you craving more. These chilli’s consisted of five different flavors and will be sold in retail stores soon.

Sweet Malabar: The director Manisha Talreja introduced their fresh capsules for tea and coffee as well as their coffee machines. These capsules help in providing the most enriched flavor for both coffee and tea. Their machines break down these capsules to provide us with this taste of excellence. Manisha handed out samples from ten am, which put smiles on the faces of all the coffee lovers who attended. This product is sold directly to the customer.

Arabian Nights:Arabian nights is one of the most well known shops that cater to smokers. At UpperCrust they displayed their beautiful Hookah’s and flavorful Tobacco products. Their stunning Hookah pieces and countless Tobacco flavors were truly an Arabian delight. All these magnificent products were sold at discounted rates at Upper Crust thus drawing a lot of attention for those three days.

Koka– Koka instant noodles has always been an all time favorite. At UpperCrustKoka sold three of their noodle packets for only 100 Rupees.  Their different flavored packets also included spicy Singapore fried noodles, mushroom and their original flavor, which has always been the most popular. Koka is available at popular retail stores.

Jus Divine Juices: Jus Divine, displayed their fresh juices at their stalls and provided information on nutritional factors. Jus divine uses “cold-press technology which not only protects all the vital nutrients and enzymes of the fruits and vegetables but also brings out their natural flavor”. If you are health conscious and need a nutritious meal, Jus Divine provides various different juices that you can pick from to achieve your goal. This is sold on their E commerce website.

The products introduced were fresh and unique. The exhibition was diverse and extremely entertaining. The products above not only stood out but also held their own at the show. Do keep an eye out for these names, as I am sure they will be much talked about in the year to come!

Cool Chef and Prakash Chilli

Sweet Malabar

UpperCrust Food and Wine Show

UpperCrust Food and Wine Show

Arabian Nights

Koka Noodles

Jus Divine Juices


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